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Using advanced technology and resources, BIMAGE takes on an innovative approach to support companies in designing and constructing buildings and infrastructures. We provide strategic consultation to the organizations for BIM/VDC implementation. Our services include:

  • Initial project assessments using BIM/VDC/GIS tools which will allow Owners/Developers to make feasibility studies and risk assessment of the proposed land for their development purposes.
  • We implement organization-wide BIM/VDC standards that could steer the organization or its projects to a direction set by the higher management. By doing such, we fully reap the benefits of BIM/VDC. This is usually a journey set off together with the client to develop and document BIM/VDC standards for future use in projects or other BIM developments.
  • Introducing BIM/VDC terms in the tender documents to stay in line with BCA’s BIM philosophy and fulfilling the BIM/VDC requirements of the project.


BIM is the foundation of digital transformation in the world of architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC). With the constant changes in this modern time, this software has been shifting the way designers work as well. Luckily, many BIM services providers in Singapore are enhancing the way design professionals work with 3D graphic and non-graphic information. The valuable features of BIM fuel passion and confidence in the design process. It gives designers freedom in drawing and documentation production. 

BIMAGE collaborates with design professionals throughout the design process. Our team can help you produce BIM and all documents required at each stage of the AEC project. We can help you manage the production process. Our BIM modelling services aim to empower the architect and designer, enabling them to focus more on critical core activities.


Today BIMAGE stands as a leader in the genre of providing the highest quality of 3D BIM modeling services in Singapore. BIMAGE has executed a variety of modeling services over the last 8 years. BIM services have made our team conversant with all the possible scenarios. On time delivery & profuse experience make us champion in the world of BIM services. We have helped the Architecture Firm & Contractors to perform the BIM Design/Construction Model, Tender Doc to Construction Documentation and Clash Report for coordination, in Construction and Design stages. Some of our services in BIM modeling include:

  • Converting 2D drawings to 3D BIM model – Architecture, Structure, and MEP models
  • Detailed Mechanical layout with dimensions, elevations, and annotation
  • Performing Constructability Reviews
  • Generating quantities from the 3D BIM model
  • Coordination model for Subcontractors
  • Shop drawings from BIM.
  • Creating As-built drawings from 3D BIM model after project completion
  • Creation Site logistic models prior to construction
  • Clash Coordination
  • 4D Simulation

Our rich talent pool of highly skilled Mechanical, Structural, Civil Engineers and Architects are continuously on the edge of technology. Our technical team is equipped with comprehensive knowledge of the latest software products from Autodesk Revit Suite.


BIMAGE has in the past engaged with several clienteles from various disciplines. As such we are familiar with value-added training engagement. We provide Product based Training & initial consultancy on product adoption/ implementation.

BIM Quick Start Adoption Programme – BIM QSAP

This programme introduces a basic understanding on BIM, inclusive of minimum 7 days of technical and process training and 7 days of practical training.

BIM Technical 80% and BIM Management 20%.

BIM Competency Enhancement & Adoption Programme –BIM CEAP

This programme is an advanced stage to develop client’s BIM process, framework, BIM execution plan and guideline for their team. The technical training may involve advanced clash detection analysis, 4D simulation, basic material take-off and others.

BIM Technical 40% and BIM Management 60%.

Project Based Handholding Training

Providing customized training and exclusive teaching to client’s company at the site. This is important for new learners as they can learn quickly with familiar projects, grasp the concept of BIM works and adapt it into their project easily, with more time and interest invested by the individual in an actual or pilot project.

Application Development

BIMAGE is dedicated to help our customers in adopting cutting edge BIM / VDC technologies and enhanced workflows in completing their works effectively and efficiently. For some companies that are aiming to achieve the next level of digital transformation, the current software and tools in the market may not be sufficient to fulfill their needs. With strong experience and portfolio in government funded R&D projects, BIMAGE is ready to assist these companies in researching, developing and implementing fully customized digital solutions that can seamlessly address their requirements and needs. Some of our development services include:

  • Revit Customized Plugin to automate and streamline some of the repetitive tasks in daily BIM works, saving manpower and time.
  • AR / VR Customized Product to visualize the project in a whole new perspective showcasing different project planning, setup, coordination, sequencing and many more.
  • Mobile Application Development to create intuitive tools for construction and infrastructure customers to access projects on the go, anytime and anywhere.​
  • Forge Customized Solution to enable integration with specific platforms and services such as ERP, portal, database and many more.
Architect Planning New Construction Project

Questions About Our BIM Services

BIM, which stands for Building Information Modeling, is a digital representation of the physical and functional characteristics of a building. It enhances collaboration, reduces errors, and improves efficiency throughout the project lifecycle. 

BIM facilitates better coordination, minimizes clashes, and provides a comprehensive 3D visualization to help with improving overall design quality. 

Yes, we are a BIM services provider that offers customized BIM training and consulting to help your team acquire the necessary skills for efficient BIM implementation. 

Yes, we can integrate BIM with various project management tools to enhance collaboration, data sharing, and overall efficiency.