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Quick Adoption Revit IFC-SG Industry Training GovTech BCA Endorsed (1 Day Onsite Training) (1 pax)


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Course Overview:

BIMAGE Consulting aims to share IFC-SG knowledge with industry professionals with model mapping hands-on in the native BIM authoring tool (Revit). Additionally, to prepare industry professionals by helping them to understand the requirement in CORENET X COP for IFC-SG model mapping as well as CORENET X Collaboration Platform submission.

What will you learn:

Overview of CORENET X:

  • CORENET X is a new platform developed by BCA to transform the regulatory approval process for building works
  • Aim to industry professional to understand the definition of CORENET X

OpenBIM & IFC:

  • Identification of the transformational benefits of OpenBIM and utilizing IFC4 structure into exporting to IFC in BIM authoring tools

Introduction to IFC-SG:

  • Discover the beauty of IFC and how it could be streamlined to suit the local regulatory needs

IFC-SG Starter Kit:

  • Understand the use of configuration files with simplified steps provided
IFC-SG Validator:
  • Understand the use of IFC-SG validator on extracting data from IFC-SG model and validate for IFC-SG compliance
  • Simulate model checking before submission

Embedding info into BIM Model:

  • Embed relevant IFC-SG information into a BIM model using shared parameter setup and BIT (BIM Interoperability Tool) through a simplified version
  • Check and modify georeferencing of existing model and proceed with IFC Map Conversion

Export to IFC:

  • Export IFC model and checking into IFC Viewer, including IFC viewer operation

Assessment & Quiz:

  • Complete an IFC-SG Mapping Assessment with the sample project that relevant to your discipline
  • Quiz session to enhance what had been learnt and to boost the attendee’s confidence by levelling up their understanding level

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20th June 2024, 25th July 2024, 22nd August 2024


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