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CORENET X New Regulatory Approval Process For Building Works (RABW) by BIMAGE Consulting (1-Day Course) (1 Pax)


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Course Overview:
Targeted to be progressively rolled out at the end of 2023, CORENET X is set to redesign and streamline
the regulatory processes across multiple agencies for all the new building works. Leveraging on
technology and BIM, the new process aims to drive greater upfront collaboration and coordination among
project teams, as well as synergy across regulatory agencies.

The course introduces the new regulatory approval workflow and the associated requirements, the
rational and benefits to the industry at large, and implementation timeline. Case studies will also be
included to illustrate submission requirements for different types of developments.

At the end of the course, participants will be able to:
• Appreciate the key changes to the existing regulatory approval process under CORENET X
• Understand the new submission requirements for different types of building works
• Explain the objectives and requirements for different stage of submission

What will you learn:

Introduction to CORENET X

• Current regulatory landscape
• Service Journey and vision of CORENET X
• Preparation for transformation
• Leveraging on Technological Enablers

New Regulatory Approval Process for Building Works (RABW) –
3 Gateway Submission Process

• Transforming current practices into new RABW
• 3 Gateways submission process
• Requirements at each gateway
• Joint submission and plan processing
• Supporting Mechanism

• Direct Submission Process (DSP)
• DSP as part of differentiated approach
• Concept and workflow of DSP

Case Study
Key Transformation in Regulatory Practices
• Project brief
• Agencies’ requirements at each gateway

Preview of Submission Portal
• Introduction to Submission Portal
• Submission Portal preview

Additional information


17th July 2024, 14th August 2024, 11th September 2024


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