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Fuzor Fundamental Training (2 Days Course)


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Fuzor is a suite of solutions for common AEC problems in a user-friendly environment.

Developers of Fuzor, know that your project begins before visualization and continues beyond project approval, so they set out to develop the complete project lifecycle solution. Their goal is to bring you cutting edge solutions to your project needs wherever you may be in the project lifecycle process.

Whether you’re just beginning the design phase, in the middle of the validation and analysis phase or heading into the construction phase, Fuzor has a solution for you.

Who Should Attend

Contractors who would like to gain an advantage in creating better and faster detail 4D simulation

Course Outline

With this fundamental training program, you will get the opportunities to understand in-depth of what Fuzor can do.

  • Design – create immersive and interactable environment which gives feedback on how your final project will look like.
  • Analysis – clash analysis, height clearance check, etc to help you review your models before construction
  • Construction – create 4D simulation, detail construction sequence for visual method statement on critical activities easily post training evaluation and course completion certificate will be issued

After Training Benefits

  • Certificate of Completion
  • 1 month learning license included
  • Priority in using BIMAGE facility for further learning (Hardware & Software)
    • Up to 2hrs per month
    • Maximum 3 times
  • Fuzor technical offsite support during learning period
  • Invitation to BIMAGE free Fuzor workshop
  • Convert your learning license to project ready license with (Fuzor VDC or Construction Pro)
    • 10% within 14 days after training date
    • 5% in 14-30 days after training date


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