BIM VDC 4D Training (2 Days Course)


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BIM (Building Information Modeling) VDC (Virtual Design and Construction) 4D (four-dimensional) Training is a program designed to train professionals in the use of BIM technology for time-based project management. This course covers the basics of BIM, 4D modeling, scheduling, and simulation techniques.

The training program typically includes modules on the fundamentals of BIM, 4D modeling techniques, scheduling in construction management, and project collaboration using BIM 360. The course also covers the integration of other software tools such as Navisworks, Primavera P6, and Synchro for creating detailed 4D models and visualizations.

The BIM VDC 4D Training program is suitable for architects, engineers, project managers, and construction professionals who are interested in learning the latest BIM technology for time-based project management. Upon completion of the course, participants will have a better understanding of BIM technology, 4D modeling, scheduling, and the ability to create accurate 4D models for construction projects. This knowledge can help improve the efficiency of the construction process, reduce errors, and improve overall project outcomes.

Overall, the BIM VDC 4D Training program is a valuable opportunity for professionals looking to expand their skillset and stay competitive in the construction industry by leveraging the power of BIM technology for time-based project management.


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