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Introduction to Autodesk Construction Cloud (ACC) Course (2 Days) (1 pax)


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Course Overview:
This course is designed to provide you with comprehensive insights into the possibilities of digital
transformation tailored to your current processes using Autodesk Construction Cloud (ACC). Discover how
to streamline document sharing, design approvals, and document management, eliminating the need for
cumbersome hard copies.

In this course, we will explore the digitalization of construction project management through the powerful
capabilities of ACC. Learn how professionals in the built environment can benefit from this cutting-edge
solution, covering everything from document and data management to field management.
Join us to unlock the potential of digitalization and revolutionize the way you manage construction projects,
enhancing efficiency and productivity in the concrete jungle.

What you learn: 
Introduction to Autodesk Construction Cloud
Document Management – ISO19650
• ISO19650 Folder structure
• Folder creation
• Mark up
• Drawing & model comparison
• Files sharing
• Folder permission setting
Issue Management
• Raise, response & close issue
• Issue permission
Review Management
• Review approval workflow
• Initiate & response to Review
Send Transmittal

Request for Information (RFI)
• RFI approval workflow
• Initiate & response to RFI
• RFI permission setting
Request for Approval using Submittal
• RFA approval workflow
• Initiate & response to RFA
• RFA permission setting

Digital Record on Meeting of Minutes
• Create meeting agenda (assign Assignees, attach attachment
• Create follow up agenda & make agenda to minute
• Initiate, response & close Correspondence
Digital Forms (Safety, QAQC, Punchlist etc)
• Form template creation
• Initiate the form, assign to next assignee and close the form

Schedule and Work Plan
• Import Schedules for viewing & commenting
• Create, view & commenting on Work Plan
Digital Progress Monitoring using Assets
• Asset item setup (from 3D model)
• Progress monitoring workflow using Asset (Scan QR code
from mobile app & update Asset item status etc)
• Asset permission setting
Generating Reports
• Scheduling report creation


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