We Are Proud To Be Partnered With The Best Software Providers In The Industry


Autodesk is a leading provider of 3D design, engineering, and entertainment software. As an Autodesk Gold Partner, a company has demonstrated a high level of expertise in implementing and supporting Autodesk software solutions.


Autodesk Construction Cloud is a construction management platform developed by Autodesk, a leading software company. The platform is designed to help construction professionals streamline their workflows, improve collaboration, and reduce errors throughout the construction process.


Ideate is a software development company that provides solutions for architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) professionals. Ideate's software solutions are designed to help AEC professionals increase efficiency, improve collaboration, and optimize workflow processes.

Product Partner Fuzor


Fuzor is a 3D visualization and virtual building technology software that provides architects, engineers, contractors, and owners with a platform to create, simulate, and analyze building designs. Fuzor partners are companies that have established a close relationship with Fuzor and are authorized to sell, distribute, and support Fuzor products.



ENVIRONMENT for Revit® is a plugin that allows landscape architects to design within the Revit® workspace without the need for additional software or any programming skills. Over the years, Revit® has become the most advanced and most popular BIM software. Since the BIM design process requires all disciplines to use compatible software, Revit® is the natural choice for our field as well. Our mission is to make the Revit® workflow for landscape architects as convenient and efficient as possible.


Enscape is a real-time rendering and visualization software for architects, engineers, and construction professionals. Enscape's software allows users to create high-quality, photorealistic visualizations of building designs, which can help to communicate ideas and concepts to stakeholders, clients, and project teams.


ARCHIBUS is an integrated workplace management system (IWMS) that provides a comprehensive set of tools to manage facilities and real estate portfolios. ARCHIBUS offers a range of software modules to manage real estate, space, assets, operations, maintenance, and sustainability.


V-Ray is a powerful 3D rendering software that is widely used by professionals in the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industries. V-Ray provides high-quality rendering capabilities that allow designers to create photorealistic visualizations of their designs. V-Ray also supports GPU and CPU rendering, providing users with flexibility in terms of rendering speed and performance.


Matterport is a 3D technology company that offers a platform for creating, editing, and sharing immersive 3D models and virtual tours of real-world spaces. Matterport's technology is used by professionals in a wide range of industries, including real estate, construction, architecture, and hospitality.


AutoTURN is a software program developed by Transoft Solutions that is used for designing and analyzing vehicle maneuvers in transportation and infrastructure projects. The software is commonly used in the design of transportation infrastructure projects such as airports, seaports, and highways, as well as parking lots, driveways, and loading areas. AutoTURN allows users to create 3D models of vehicles, simulate and analyze their movements, and optimize the design of transportation infrastructure accordingly. The software can simulate a range of vehicle types, from small cars to large trucks and buses, and can analyze the movements of these vehicles in various scenarios, such as turning radii, sight lines, and clearances.


Graitec's software offerings include solutions for structural engineering, detailing, fabrication, and BIM (Building Information Modeling) workflows. The company provides software solutions for a range of industries, including construction, steel and concrete fabrication, and architecture.


SketchUp is a 3D modeling software widely used for architecture, interior design, landscape architecture, and other related industries. SketchUp partners are authorized to sell and distribute SketchUp products, including SketchUp Pro and SketchUp Studio, as well as provide training, technical support, and consulting services to their customers.



CostX is designed for quantity surveyors, cost estimators, contractors, and developers to perform quantity takeoff and construction cost estimating for projects of various sizes and complexities. CostX is a powerful and flexible estimating software that provides users with the ability to create accurate and reliable cost estimates quickly and efficiently. The software provides an intuitive interface that allows users to perform takeoff from digital drawings, 2D drawings, 3D models, and PDFs. The software then generates detailed cost estimates that include material and labor costs, subcontractor costs, and equipment costs.