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Using Advanced Technology And Resources, BIMAGE Takes On An Innovative Approach To Support Companies In Designing And Constructing Buildings And Infrastructures.

Building owners and managers internationally are driving the move to BIM by requiring its implementation on their construction projects. Owners recognize that implementing BIM on projects can generate significant savings on total construction costs and on operating costs over the life of the building.​

BIMAGE assists owners and managers in understanding how BIM will affect their projects and in developing BIM standards for their teams in order to maximize the benefits of the project.

BIM Organisation And Project-Based Consulting

Initial project study that can be carried out with the use of BIM or GIS tools to study the land of interest and the nearby adjacent buildings and infrastructures.

This will allow Owners/Developers to make feasibility studies and risk assessment of the proposed land for their development purposes.

We implement organization-wide or project-wide BIM/VDC standards that could steer the organization or its projects to a direction set by the higher management. By doing such, we fully reap the benefits of BIM/VDC. This is usually a journey set off together with the client to develop and document BIM/VDC standards for future use in projects or other BIM developments.

Introducing BIM/VDC terms in the tender documents to stay in line with BCA’s BIM philosophy and fulfilling the BIM/VDC requirements of the project.

  • BIM Quick Start Adoption Programme – BIM QSAP

This programme introduces a basic understanding on BIM, inclusive of minimum 7 days of technical and process training and 7 days of practical training.

BIM Technical 80% and BIM Management 20%.

  • BIM Competency Enhancement & Adoption Programme – BIM CEAP

This programme is an advanced stage to develop client’s BIM process, framework, BIM execution plan and guideline for their team. The technical training may involve advanced clash detection analysis, 4D simulation, basic material take-off and others.

BIM Technical 40% and BIM Management 60%.

Working together with the Owner/Developer to evaluate the BIM/VDC capabilities of the design consultants that bid for projects.

This can be done through tender presentations and interviews. A capability assessment matrix can be created for the Owner/Developer to agree on the areas to be assessed.

Existing infrastructure/building belonging to the Owner/Developer that requires a record BIM model for FM use or future A&A works can be created with the use of laser scans for accuracy.

This eventually becomes an asset of the Owner/Developer, with drawings, floor plans and more can be produced from the BIM model for various needs.

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