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Using advanced technology and resources, BIMAGE takes on an innovative approach to support companies in designing and constructing buildings and infrastructures.

BIM is changing the way designers work with 3D graphic and non-graphic information being incorporated in the BIM from the earliest stages of design. The efficiency, accuracy, and flexibility of BIM inspire confidence in the design process and provide freedom from an inordinate focus on drawing and documentation production.

BIMAGE collaborates with architects and designers throughout the design process to produce BIM and all documents required at each project stage. Allowing BIMAGE to take on the responsibility of managing the production process empowers the architect and designer to focus more time on other critical core activities, such as design, project and business management. BIMAGE guarantees the efficient delivery of the programme with access to a large resource of experienced and trained Autodesk Revit operators.

Project BIM/VDC Support Design (Design Development Stage/Detailed Design)

BEP is created in the early design stage to show the collaboration between all design consultants and the workflow adopted during the design process. The Design BEP becomes an important document for Contractors to refer to and makes sense of the BIM models produced by the Consultants.

Customers who wish to see quick modelling works to fit the day or for submission can consider this service on an ad-hoc basis. It is important to seek help to buy time and save on overspending HR resources. There are also strategies in modelling support to help save costs and work smart.

Our BIM consultants will advise the pros and cons before taking up this service.

Highly recommended to be performed in the design stage amongst design consultants to clear the clashes that are crucial or that might hinder the construction process later on. Advisory on the recommended BIM software to be used and related documentations to be produced from this exercise.

Assisting design consultants in producing drawings from the BIM model for tender drawings preparation. Quality checks on the drawings to ensure that they are the issue for construction drawings.

  • BIM Quick Start Adoption Programme – BIM QSAP

This programme introduces a basic understanding of BIM, inclusive of minimum 7 days of technical and process training and 7 days of practical training.

BIM Technical 80% and BIM Management 20%.

  • BIM Competency Enhancement & Adoption Programme – BIM CEAP

This programme is an advanced stage to develop client’s BIM process, framework, BIM execution plan and guideline for their team. The technical training may involve advanced clash detection analysis, 4D simulation, basic material take-off, and others.

BIM Technical 40% and BIM Management 60%.

  • Project Based Handholding Training

Providing customized training and exclusive teaching to client’s company at the site. This is important for new learners as they can learn quickly with familiar projects, grasp the concept of BIM works and adapt it into their project easily, with more time and interest invested by the individual in an actual or pilot project.

Working together with the design consultants to evaluate the BIM/VDC capabilities of the contractors that bid for projects.

This can be done through tender presentations and interviews. A capability assessment matrix can be created for the design consultants to agree on the areas to be assessed.

We propose useful and powerful tools that help clients increase productivity and efficiency of their day-to-day work, enhancing the workflow to produce higher quality works with shorter time and lower costs. Some tedious and repetitive works can be simplified and automated with the help of our tools.

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Computational BIM training and modeling for design consultants to support for complex designs or where the accuracy of the design is vital.

This could also be used for projects with ever-changing designs and where time is of the essence.

Advisory on administrative claims procedures and technical training for the consultants to be confident in leading BIM coordination meetings.

This will expose the consultants understand the BIM Execution Plan and adopt the BIM/VDC workflow accordingly.

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