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Streamline Health & Safety Compliance with BuildSafe

BuildSafe is a versatile software solution that presents an exceptional opportunity to enhance Health & Safety compliance processes for companies. It seamlessly integrates with Autodesk Construction Cloud (ACC), allowing users to streamline compliance management within a cloud-based environment. By digitizing critical tasks like permits to work, toolbox meetings, inspections, and incident management, BuildSafe brings unparalleled efficiency to H&S processes.

One of the key advantages of BuildSafe is its remarkable ability to reduce compliance management costs by up to 80%. By automating tasks and centralizing data on the cloud, businesses can optimize their resources and achieve significant cost savings.

Moreover, BuildSafe provides robust legal and contractual protection, ensuring that companies adhere to all relevant regulations and obligations. Its comprehensive audit and inspection features, incident management capabilities, and ePTW functionalities enable proactive identification and resolution of safety hazards.

With seamless integration into ACC and its cloud compatibility, BuildSafe offers an unparalleled user experience, enabling real-time collaboration and data access from anywhere. By leveraging the power of the cloud, companies can enhance collaboration among team members and stakeholders, fostering a safer work environment while maximizing productivity.

In summary, BuildSafe presents a powerful solution that not only enhances Health & Safety compliance but also facilitates seamless integration with ACC and harnesses the capabilities of the cloud. It revolutionizes compliance management, reduces costs, and empowers businesses to protect their legal interests while creating a safer workplace.

Key Objectives

Implement an Electronic Permit-to-Work System:

Bid farewell to tedious paperwork and spreadsheets. With BuildSafe, you can effortlessly transition to a digitized permit-to-work system. Say goodbye to time-consuming processes and welcome a streamlined, efficient workflow.

Digitize Daily Checklists for Improved Productivity:

Boost your team’s productivity and ensure accurate data capture by digitizing daily checklists. BuildSafe enables you to eliminate manual processes, providing a true source of information accessible exclusively through Autodesk Construction Cloud



Effortless Work Classification:

BuildSafe categorizes different types of work that require permits, allowing for clear identification and streamlined processes. No more confusion or delays in determining the appropriate permits.


Defined Roles and Responsibilities:

Our system ensures that staff involved in the permit-to-work processes have clear roles and responsibilities. From supervisors to safety officers, everyone knows their tasks, promoting accountability and a safety-oriented work environment.


Seamless Integration with Autodesk Construction Cloud:

BuildSafe seamlessly integrates with Autodesk Construction Cloud, maximizing data integration and minimizing administrative efforts. All the necessary information is practically accessible, ensuring a comprehensive and unified platform for compliance management.


Strengthen Safety Culture and Enhance Operational Efficiency:

BuildSafe cultivates a safety-first culture within your organization, promoting awareness and compliance. By streamlining processes, it significantly enhances operational efficiency, allowing your team to focus on core activities.


Capture Accurate Data for Better Insights:

Make informed decisions with accurate and reliable data. BuildSafe ensures that the information captured through the system provides valuable insights, empowering you to identify trends, areas for improvement, and proactive measures for risk mitigation.


Faster Approval Process with Increased Accountability:

Bid farewell to delays and latency in the approval process. BuildSafe accelerates authorizations, minimizing downtime and keeping projects on track. With increased accountability, you can confidently meet project deadlines while maintaining compliance.


Improvements to Health and Safety in the Workplace:

BuildSafe is your partner in driving continuous improvements to health and safety practices. By centralizing data and providing real-time visibility, it enables proactive measures and interventions, fostering a safer work environment.

Your Control, Anywhere

Accessible Permits Wherever You Are:

With BuildSafe’s mobile app, you stay in control of permits, regardless of your location. Apply, assess, endorse, approve, and even revoke permits using your mobile phone. Manage your compliance activities on the go.


Non-Stop Visibility on Permit Operations:

Never lose track of permit operations again. BuildSafe provides continuous visibility from the start to the completion of permit processes, ensuring transparency, accountability, and real-time monitoring.


Faster Authorizations, Seamless Workflow with ACC:

Bid farewell to delays and welcome a streamlined workflow. BuildSafe integrates seamlessly with Autodesk Construction Cloud, eliminating latency and ensuring a smooth and efficient approval process

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