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The 11th goal on the United Nations’ list of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is dedicated to “making cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient, and sustainable”. In the contemporary world, where sustainability has often taken a backseat to other ideologies, there is a pressing need for a shift.

While every city strives to achieve sustainability in its unique manner, some have decided to utilise virtual design and construction (VDC) to ease the process. By adopting VDC, these cities not only enhance their liveability but also play their part in transforming the world.

Let’s delve into specific examples of cities and examine how the implementation of VDC has helped in enhancing the sustainability of various projects.

Image of the Capital of Sweden, Stockholm

European Cities

1) Stockholm, Sweden – Förbifart Stockholm 

Förbifart Stockholm is a 21-kilometre series of underground tunnels currently being built just outside Stockholm, Sweden, and slated to become the world’s third-longest urban road tunnel. Trafikverket, Sweden’s national transport administrative body, utilised VDC principles to maximise sustainability throughout the design, building, and operation stages by minimising the amount of damage done to the surrounding area after gathering information on ground conditions.

2) Amsterdam, Netherlands – Shell Technology Centre

The VDC process was used to upgrade the building’s exterior with 200m² of photovoltaic panels to harness and utilise solar energy. The panels permit a more sustainable energy supply to the building itself as well as surrounding structures.

3) and 4) Tallinn, Estonia, and Warsaw, Poland – Rail Baltica 

A mammoth project of almost 1,000 kilometres to be completed in 2030, this railway runs through four former Eastern Bloc countries and connects the Estonian and Polish capitals. All tenders for the project required the use of VDC in collecting information to facilitate sustainable construction.

Image of the map

North and Latin American Cities

5) Milwaukee, United States – Rite-Hite Headquarters

With the aid of VDC, all pipes and ducts in open and concealed spaces were located and optimised for maximum energy efficiency. The use of VDC also helped to ensure that the delivery of materials and system assemblies was done according to “lean construction” methods. 

6) Tijuana, Mexico – Fisher & Paykel Healthcare Industrial Plant

VDC principles were applied to minimise waste generated during construction, emphasising the crucial aspect of limiting interior contamination. This is particularly important given the nature of the plant, where medical equipment would be manufactured.

7) Vancouver, Canada – SFU Stadium at Terry Fox Field

Located approximately 17 kilometres from the city centre, the construction of the SFU Stadium significantly reduced carbon emissions levels by implementing VDC principles. Moreover, VDC played a vital role in addressing and resolving electrical system interferences with precision.

Illustration of Asia-Pacific Cities

Asia-Pacific Cities

8) Singapore – Paya Lebar Quarter

Right in our little red dot, we have an example of sustainability through VDC in construction. The Paya Lebar Quarter project seamlessly integrated buildings and infrastructures, while prioritising green spaces and responsible resource management. Recognising the challenges posed by climate change, the developers proactively employed VDC to mitigate these issues.

9) Melbourne, Australia – AAMI Park

The construction of this 30,000-seat stadium saw hardly any wastage of resources thanks to VDC. The VDC process helped the stadium’s developers position roof components to facilitate maximum efficiency during installation and construction.

10) Hong Kong – KTIL 240

Transforming the site of a former bus depot that had been operating for over 50 years, KTIL 240 is an office building exhibiting efficiency and sustainability. The meticulous consideration of facility maintenance and repair has played a role in achieving this. Traffic overload was also taken into account; pedestrian connections into adjacent streets were emphasised when planning entrances and exits.

Now that you’ve seen the impact of VDC on cities worldwide, seize the opportunity to make full use of it by contacting us at BIMAGE Consulting. As one of the leading construction consultant companies in Singapore, we are committed to ensuring that your construction project not only achieves functionality but also attains sustainability.

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